Alluring Skin Customer Reviews

  • T.K. (Newport Beach, CA) says:

    I use the Facial Cleanser twice a day. The funny thing is that my boyfriend won’t admit it, but he uses it too……We both love it.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love the Facial Cleanser. I received it as a gift in the Starter Package a few years ago and have ordered several bottles since. I have tried other cleansers when I have forgotten to place another order but none of the others on the market does as great of a job as this product in leaving my face feeling fresh and clean. It smells really great, too! I just placed another order today and soon I’ll be receiving a new 90-day supply every 3 months, which means that I won’t have to worry any longer about forgetting to re-order. Such a great deal!

  • Marie Freshman says:

    I received the starter package as a gift. I used the cleanser, the moisturizer, the neck firming cream and the eye cream first and my skin immediately felt soft to the touch. I couldn’t wait to try the microdermabrasion. I love the feel of my skin after each treatment. I recommend using the cleansing and creme products in the morning and the microdermabrasion and wrinkle reverse cream at night. I have tried many high end products and I would highly recommend these products for your every day use or as a gift to a friend.

  • Jennifer Tracey, N. Attleboro, MA says:

    I love Dr. David’s moisturizing sun screen.
    It feels great, it’s not greasy and it keeps my skin moist when I’m in the sun and I haven’t burned in the hot sun, when I’ve used it.
    I’ve used so many over the counter commercial sunscreens before, and you can’t even compare those to Dr. David’s product. What a difference!

  • Marilyn Gelb, Sharon, MA says:

    I wouldn’t go a day without it. I use it every day and I absolutely love it!

  • Karen Bruno, Saugus, MA says:

    This moisturizer is excellent. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and exceptionally hydrating. My skin feels so smooth and well balanced, that I rarely use foundation. My fine lines appear less noticable. I love this product. K. Bruno